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Hey there, we were checking out your blog and saw that your followers were looking for tickets to Sam Smith’s “In The Darkest Hour” Tour. 

If you or anyone of your followers is looking to buy or sell tickets, please give us a follow and check out our site.  We’re an LA based start-up that sells all types of tickets. Everything is completely safe and backed by PayPal. It’s also completely free, meaning no stupid, unfair fees.  And it’s all negotiable, meaning you can buy tickets the old fashioned way: at the price you want, but without the shady meet-up.

Thanks! Hope you and your followers get to see Sam Smith live!

starbeamed asked:
Hiiii! Do you happen to have just an audio version of Skies of Rain?

I do but it’s bad quality :/ I’ll post it anyway

@samsmithworld: Late night shop
@samsmithworld: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jools was so amazing tonight @laurensarmes
@samsmithworld: Fresh trim from the king @pauledmonds217
@samsmithworld: Me, my mum and my sisters xx
@samsmithworld: 🙌
@samsmithworld: Guess which one of us loves the high line the most…..
flying-jesus asked:
Can you please tell your followers that im desperately looking for a ticket for sam's show in cologne next month? IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING PLEASE MESSAGE ME