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If anyone has an extra tickets to Sam’s concert in Oakland let me know.

@samsmithworld: Love this one @julianaplotkin
@samsmithworld: Thank you Ermenegildo Zegna for making me feel so good last night in your clothes. All my love x
@samsimthworld: That was surreal
@samsmithworld: I just me this beautiful lady!! So kind and down to earth. Thank you for your kind words SJP x
@samsmithworld: ðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸðŸ
@samsmithworld: â¤ï¸ @calvinklein â¤ï¸
@samsmithworld: WASHINGTON. Wow. Thank you x #NIGHT2
@samsmithworld: Hope you enjoyed the pizza. Thank you for queuing in the heat!! See you soon x

Sam sent pizza to his fans waiting in the queue in Washington today!!!
@samsmithworld: Tour round the White House today with the TEAM. Thanks Barack x